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Miss Willetts and Miss Court will collect your home reading diaries every day. There is a ‘Home Reading Diary’ box in the classroom for you to put your book in when you arrive in the morning. If you bring your reading diary in you will get 1 turtle and if you bring your diary in AND a grown-up (or you, if your adults have said you can) has written in it, you will get 2 turtles on our home reading chart. 


When you receive 9 or 10 turtles on the chart, you will be awarded with a Turtle bookmark. Each week after this, you will be awarded with a sticker for earning 9 or 10 turtles. After you have collected 10 stickers on your bookmark, you will get to choose your own book as your prize!



Home Spellings

Miss Willetts will be sending home a list of 10 spelling words to learn. These words will slot in with the writing that we are doing in our English sessions so will ensure that the children have the opportunity to utilise these in their everyday writing, not just their spelling tests.


These words will come home in the yellow ‘Home Spelling’ books every Friday and the test will take place on the following Friday morning in the black of their spelling book. The children will continue to focus on learning their spelling words and the rules for how to use them in their spelling and phonics sessions on a daily basis.


Please continue to help your child practice their spellings at home as your support and help is invaluable.



Home Learning


 Each half term, your child will be sent home with a home learning grid. Each week your child will choose two home learning activities to complete - English, Maths and/or Creative and these will be found on the home learning grid in your child's blue Home Learning book. The grid will contain 6 weeks-worth (sometimes less - depending on the length of the half term) of home learning tasks. It is expected that your child will choose different pieces of home learning each week and Miss Willetts will keep a record of which pieces are being completed so that all children are accessing ALL areas of learning in one way or another.


Home learning will be sent home on Fridays and will be due back in on Wednesdays, giving your child 4 days to complete their chosen task. All of the tasks will link as closely as possible to the topic, Maths and English learning that we are doing in class.


A big thank you for the on-going support of homework from parents. The creativity which is being shown in the creative tasks is incredible. Have a look below at the pictures of skeletons being made from different resources.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Autumn Term 2 Home Learning


Welcome back to Autumn  term 2 – below is a link to the home learning grid for this half term. Don’t forget that we are choosing TWO home learning tasks each week to complete.

Autumn Term 1 Home Learning


Well done for an amazing first half term of brilliant home learning! You have written some wonderful fact sheets about explorers, written some super speech from the Iron Man, shown amazing Maths skills in the Maths challenges and been amazingly creative by creating old maps and model of vehicles.  I’ve been so impressed with your robots too.


I can’t wait to see what the next half term brings!

Autumn Term 1 Home Learning

Autumn Term 1 Home Learning


Welcome back and welcome to Autumn  1 – below is a link to the home learning grid for this half term. Don’t forget that we are choosing TWO home learning tasks each week to complete.