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Home Learning

Home learning will be handed out to your child every Friday. This will consist of spellings, English and Maths.

English and Maths home learning will normal be short tasks but may be, on occasion, project based over a number of weeks.

English and Maths home learning needs to be completed and handed in by the following Wednesday.

Thursday is acceptable but not as routine. It is unlikely that any work handed in on the Friday will be marked.

Your child is expected to spend about 20 minutes each on their English and Maths home learning.

They will be tested on their spellings the following Friday. Please ensure their yellow spelling book and home learning book is in school on this day.

Your child is also likely to have Learn – Its, number bonds and times tables to learn. They will normally be tested on their times tables the following Thursday.

In addition to the above, your child is expected to read at least five times a week. This should be recorded in their reading diary  by either you or your child. It could simply be the number of pages they have read or,preferably, a comment on their reading or what they think about the book. Please support your child’s learning by spending some time listening to them read and asking them questions about the text. This is invaluable!

Please encourage your child to get in to a regular routine with the above expectations. 

If you have any concerns or issues with your child’s home learning please arrange to see Mr Vickery. He will normally be available before 8.45am or immediately at the end of the school day. Alternatively, you can make arrangements to meet with him via the main office.

Thank you for your support. 



English, Friday 16th June 2017.

All Groups:

I want you to imagine that you have met an alien from another world and he wants to know how to make a cheese sandwich. Write out some instructions showing clearly how to make the sandwich. Remember to list the ingredients!

Challenge yourself by adding further ingredients like cucumber, tomato, lettuce etc.


Maths, Friday 16th June 2017.

Group 1:

Sally has three digit cards: 7 8 and 5.

What is the smallest number she can make with all three cards?

What is the largest even number she can make with all three cards?

What is the largest odd number she can make with all three cards?

Sally replaces the 8 and the 5 with a 3 and a 1, so she now has a 7 3 and a 1. Use the cards to make a number that is between 350 and 380.


Group 2:

  1. Sally has four digit cards: 4 7 1 and 2.

Which two cards does she use to make:

  1. A multiple of 7
  2. A factor of 36


  1. Circle all the multiples of 4 in this list:
  1. 22 24 27 29


  1. Write down all the factor pairs of 32


  1. Sally says all multiples of 8 end in 2,4,6 or 8


Is she right? Write down an example which supports your answer.


Remember to learn your Learn - Its and current times table. You can access Mathletics, Hit The Button and Rock Stars with your login details from home. 


Spellings Friday 16th June 2017.


Group 1

Suffixes; Prefixes; /I/ sound spelt y; ou sound















Group 2 and 3.

Prefixes; Suffix – ation, -ly