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Pandas (ARP)


Our caterpillars are now chrysalides. They are preparing to become butterflies. We have to be really careful now not to touch the pot and disturb them!
Picture 1
Our caterpillars are really changing now - "They are furry!"
Picture 1
Our caterpillars are growing and changing every day - "They are enormous, just like The Enormous Turnip!"
Picture 1
Our caterpillars are growing already. We can see that they have become bigger and we can clearly see their legs now when they walk!
Picture 1
Take a look at our caterpillars! They arrived in our classroom today. They are very small, but we are going to take great care of them and hope that they will grow much bigger and turn into butterflies.  We will update the pictures every few days so that you can watch too!
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Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
We have been learning about things that are 'Alive!'. We have planted a herb garden together and we planted cress seeds and watched them grow.


Picture 1
We are beginning our learning all about 'Bears'. This week, we have been exploring the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. We all helped to build a Bear Cave in the garden, and acted out the story. Everybody enjoyed pretending to be the bear!
All About Me - Celebrations!
Picture 1
We talked about how we celebrate our birthdays at home, then planned a birthday party for our class mascot, Pandora Panda. We really enjoyed making birthday cards, playing 'Pass the Parcel' and making cakes for the party.
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