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Toucans (Year 6)

Spring Term Enquiry Time


This term, our topic is all about Africa. Our learning is based around the enquiry question 'Should wild animals be kept in zoos?'. As a class, we came up with 6 child-initiated tasks to help us learn more and Mrs Reed has planned a Science and Geography Enquiry for us to complete too. Each task is linked to objectives from the National Curriculum and all have links to English and/or Maths to help us to embed our skills. We are responsible for our own learning during Enquiry Time as we independently choose the task, complete it by following the Success Steps (which we created for ourselves!) and show off our learning by recording and gathering evidence to go into our Topic Books. 


Our child-initiated 'Enquiry Time' tasks are:

  1. Making a story-board of a predator hunting its prey and then creating a stop-animation film.
  2. Designing and building a zoo out of Lego and writing an advertising leaflet about it.
  3. Budgeting for and cooking an African recipe, then writing instructions.
  4. Creating an artwork using different African flags, and writing a fact file about the African countries.
  5. Writing a descriptive poem or song about Africa or an African animal.
  6. Designing our own 'super-animal' and describing its adaptations, then making it out of clay.


English Learning


We have been reading 'Fly Eagle Fly' - an African folk tale, retold by Christopher Gregorowski, an inspiring story about being true to yourself. It sparked a very interesting debate in Toucans class about whether we agreed with the farmer, or his friend, and what it is that makes us who we truly are...


We have learned to retell the story aloud using our voices to give expression and enhance meaning. We are now writing our own version of the story to share with Year 1.



Synopsis: After a stormy night, a farmer, searching for his lost calf, finds a baby eagle that has been blown out of its nest. He takes it home and raises it with his chickens. When a friend comes to visit one day, he tells the farmer that an eagle should be flying high in the sky, not staying on the ground. "But this eagle walks like a chicken, eats like a chicken, even thinks like a chicken," the farmer replies. 
Twice, the farmer's friend tries to get the eagle to fly, but it sees the chickens on the ground and drops down each time. At last the friend, followed by the farmer, carries the young eagle back into the mountains and places the great bird on a rocky ledge, just before sunrise. As the air is filled with golden light and the sun appears, the friend cries, "Fly, Eagle, fly!" and the eagle raises its wings and soars upward, out of sight. 


Here is our class story map. Can you retell the story using the pictures?






Maths Learning


We are building on our written calculation methods from the Autumn term and learning how to apply these to fractions, using these visual models to help us.