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Turtles (Year 3)

Well done to Harvey and Jasmine who have won their prize for regularly reading at home.


Friday 16th November - Children in Need.


We had a lot of fun today dressing up in spotty clothes and donating money to children in need. Thank you to all the parents for their effort and donations.


English Learning


As our topic has been all about the human body, we have been doing lots of writing to do with it too. Firstly, we learned how to turn a story into a playscript. The class learned how to use brackets for stage directions, a colon to show who is speaking and how to set the scene at the beginning of a playscript too. We turned the story ‘Funny Bones’ into our own playscripts and you can read some great examples below.

Autumn Term 2 Learning


On Monday 29th October, we had our Hook session for our new learning topic 'Funny Bones'. Miss Willetts and Miss Court set up a carousel of activities to help us learn about different parts of the human body. We had the following activities to complete:


  • Making a moveable hand using straws and string to show the joints in the hand;
  • Building our own pasta skeletons;
  • Using balloons and straws to make a model of the lungs.


We had great fun being really hands-on in all of these activities – take a look at some of the photos that show our amazing learning.

Science Learning


We have learned so much in Science in Autumn 1, so it’s really lucky that we have 2 hours every week just for our Science learning. This half term, we have been focusing on learning about forces and magnets.


We started off by looking at what a force is. Once we started to understand forces, Miss Willetts taught us about magnets being a type of force. We carried out lots of experiments including finding out how powerful different magnets are and what materials magnets are attracted to. 


To finish off our forces and magnets topic, we planned and made a magnet game. Thank you to all parents and adults who came to help with this in out parental engagement. Take a look at the photos below of our amazing and creative magnet games!



Our hook for Explorers and Adventurers


On the first day of term, as a hook into their writing linked to The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, Years 3 and 4 worked together in groups to design and build robots out of junk modelling resources they had collected towards the end of the summer holidays. They had to consider which resources to use and how to join them, thinking about whether they wanted parts to move. All of the robots looked fantastic and some were even as big as the teachers!




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