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Welcome to Toucans' Class!

Mr Vickery (or Mr V!) teaches Toucan class. Mrs Smith, Miss Court and Mrs Chorlton help support the children's learning. Mrs Hoggarth-Allen and Mrs Yeoman (French) teach the class on Thursday morning and Tuesday afternoon respectively.


During the Autumn term, P.E. is every Monday and Tuesday. Please ensure your child is ready to take part on these days. They require a coloured house top, black sports shorts, plimsolls or trainers. During the colder months, it is strongly advisable to have a track suit or  a sports sweatshirt. Unfortunately, Health and Safety do not allow school jumpers, coats and casual clothes as an alternative.

Also, all jewellery must be removed. If, in the case of new ear studs, this is not possible, your child is responsible for taping over the stud/s. The school will provide the tape. 

Your child is also responsible for all shoulder-length hair being tied up.

If your child is unable to attend P.E., please send a letter in or inform Mr Vickery directly. Thank you for your support in these matters.


Expectations regarding home learning, including reading, can be found inside on the home learning link.

Wow! what a fantastic start to the new year! The children have all shown a terrific, positive attitude towards their learning. They are certainly up for the challenges this year! All the children are already reading daily and all the home learning (of which the standard is amazing!) has been returned on time - keep it up Year 6! Thank you parents for your support.


The hook in to their first topic of the year, Divorced, Beheaded, Died, was met with plenty of enthusiasm and determination to solve the mystery of the beheaded corpse! As detectives, they all had to work out who the unfortunate victim was, who had her executed and why. Plenty of clues were scattered around the crime scene to help with their investigation! Check out the photos: 

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