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Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs J. Hoggarth-Allen - Principal

Mrs M. Main-Miller - Vice Principal


Learning Leadership Team

Mrs K. Reed - Creative Curriculum Leader

Mr C. Vickery - Maths Leader

Mrs M. White - English Leader

Office Staff

Mrs J. Brett - Office Manager

Mrs T. Ellis - Admissions and Attendance Manager


Site Manager and Cleaning Staff

Mrs T. Debonnaire - Site Manager

Mrs D. Barnes - Cleaner

Mrs J. Bennett - Cleaner

Mrs D. Brotherton - Cleaner


Please find below a list of current Teaching and Support Staff who are class based:


Assessment Resourced Provision Pandas

Mrs M. Pynigar

Mrs R. Brewerton,

Mrs C James

Year R – Chimps

Mrs E. Gemmell

Mrs M. Cox

 Mr D. Smith, Mrs L. Scott

Year 1 – Tigers

Mrs M. Crocker

Mrs H. Fisher

Year 2 – Lions

Mrs K. Garland

Mrs M. Smith, Mrs D. Fisher

Year 3 – Turtles

Mrs L. Sutcliffe

Mrs T. Johnson

Year 4 – Piranhas

Mr C. Vickery

Mrs S. Scott

Year 5 - Parrots

Mrs M. White

Mrs N. Smith

Year 6 – Toucans

Mrs K. Reed

Mrs D. Court

PPA Cover

Mrs L. Yeoman (French)

Mrs M. Main-Miller and Mrs J. Hoggarth-Allen


Non-Class Based Learning Support Assistants

Miss E. Jeans

Mr G. Watson

Mrs A. Luckins

Mrs M. Chorlton

Mrs D. Chalmers

Mrs H. Carne

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Sandra Scott - Senior Supervisory Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mr D. Smith

Mrs K. Babbage

Mrs S. Osborne

Mrs C. James

Mrs M. Chorlton

Mr G. Watson

Mrs D. Chalmers

Miss E. Jeans

Mrs L. Scott

Relief Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs J. Bennett, Miss S. Marsh, Mrs S. Elms, Mrs T. Bolton, Mrs Brinsmead, Miss Mallin.


Parent Support Adviser (shared with Henry Cort cluster)

Mrs S. Pratt