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2015-2016 School Council

2015-2016 School Council




Year 6 – Toucans


Jack Sharman

Shannon Haynes

Year 5 – Parrots


Joshua Oldfield

Chloe Walter

Year 4 – Piranhas


Owen Matthews

Grace Downes

Year 3 – Turtles


Ozzy Cobb

Hallie Barnes

Year 2 – Lions


Terry Wesson

Evie Carter

Year 1 – Tigers


Reuben Merry

Laken Charlton

Year R - Chimps

Lacey Edney

Thomas Booth

Poppy Herlock

In our meeting on Monday 14th March, 2016, we discussed what it was like to be a school councillor.

Here are some of our thoughts:


"I like being on the school council because it is fun.  You get to find out things before everyone else." Jack Sharman.


"I like school council because we get to do lots of plays in Worship like the ones we did on compassion and love."  Evie Carter.


"I like school council because when you talk about things, it makes me think about stuff." Thomas Booth.


"I like school council because you get to vote for competitions." Owen Matthews.


"You get a folder and school council is awesome." Reuben Merry.


"I like school council because you get to learn things and you get biscuits." Chloe Walter.

Christmas Colouring Competition Results

The school council met briefly on Friday 18th December 2015 to judge the Christmas Colouring Competition.  Congratulations to the following children who are the winners; they received their prizes during Celebration Worship today.  Thank you to everyone who entered - you made our judging really tricky.




Second Place

Early Years and KS1

Ella Sumner

Connor Dawkins

Key Stage Two

Angel Walker

Jack Sharman