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Primary Academy

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Achievement and Attainment

St Columba C. of E. Primary Academy National Assessment Information

School Year 2017-2018


Year 6 KS2 Attainment



Achieving Expected


National 2018

Achieving a High

Level of Attainment

Reading 35% 75% 3%
Writing 62% 78% 3%
SPAG 66% 78% 17%
Mathamatics 55% 76% 3%

Combined Reading,

Writing and Maths

24% 64% 0%



Year 6 KS1 to KS2 Progress



Average Progress


Confidence Range

Test Average Scaled


Reading -4.74 -6.9 to -2.5 99
Writing -6.63 -8.7 to -4.5 N/A
Mathematics -3.93 -5.9 to -1.9 99.2



The scaled scores are centered around 100 which means that a score of 100 is a child working at the expected standard for a Year 6 child.

A scale of 80 is the lowest possible score 120 is the highest.


The progress measure compares pupils KS2 results to those of other pupils nationally with other similar prior (KS1) attainment.


Confidence intervals are presented as two numbers - the lower and upper limits within which are 95% confidence the performance of a school may lie.  If the lower confidence limit is greater than zero it can be interpreted as meaning that a school has achieved greater than average progress compared to pupils with similar starting points nationally.  Similarly, if the upper confidence limit is zero, than the school has made less than average progress.  Where a confidence interval overlaps zero, this means that the school's progress score is not significantly different from the national average