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Chimps (Year R)

Making Fruit Kebabs


This week we had a fantastic time working alongside the Year 5 children who helped us to make some delicious healthy fruit kebabs! We discussed what was healthy and not healthy and we also worked well with our new friends! We learn how to use a knife safely and also some of us even tried new fruits which we had not tried before! A super learning experience for us all!







Thank you to our new Year 5 friends for their help!



We are having a truly 'super' time learning about Supertato in the Chimps class. We are enjoying the stories and all of our learning is linked to the books!


If you haven't seen it yet you should check out our Evil Pea trap in our Early Years garden! We created it as a team and are using our shoulder strength to move the trap up and down using a pulley!



We have also been using instruments to create soundtracks for the story and using our stage in the garden to perform this to our peers!



Another of our learning activities was exploring different vegetables along with learning about what is healthy and unhealthy. We made posters to tell people to stay healthy!



Another of our activities has been making our very own super vegetables! Once we had made them we then got to take them on an evil pea hunt around the school. Whilst we were on the hunt we worked well together as a team, and we also used some brilliant physical skills to travel in different ways; we hopped, jumped, skipped and slid around!




Keep your eyes peeled for all of the other learning activities we are doing and... don't forget to look out for those evil peas in your freezer!

What's going to work? TEAM WORK!

Over the past week we have been focussing on turn-taking and working as a team. We have thought lots about how to be a good friend too and linking these. There have been lots of activities for us to do which help us to take turns, listen to one another's ideas, work together to make our ideas happen and be a great team. We also learnt a team work song!



Having a new teacher!

Miss Hudson is so impressed and super proud of how we have settled in to school life with our new teacher! It has been a super start to the half term and so much learning has already happened. One of our favourite things has been exploring the water colour paints outside!






Keep an eye on this class page for more updates!

Welcome Chimps Class 18-19


What an incredible start to the Year we have already had! The Chimps have been fantastic settling into school life. Here are a few photos of all the fun we have had so far...

First Stay and Read 

Thank you to all the friends and family members who came to our first Stay and Read. It was fantastic to see so many of you there sharing stories. Stay and Read is every Friday between 8:30-8:50 - it is an opportunity to get cozy with the cushions and blankets and enjoying sharing a story with your child. Hope to see there next week!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Read to Succeed Parent Workshop!


A huge thank- to those friends and family members that attended our 'Introduction to Phonics' and 'reading' workshop. I hope that you found it very helpful, as promised below are the links for Phonics play and Mr Throne.  If you were unable to attend the workshop, not to worry, I will be re-running the workshop at the beginning of next half term.

Here are some useful links to continually embed this learning at home

Little Learners youtube channel -

Little Learners


Possible Open questions to ask when reading...

What do you like about this book?

What do you think of this character?

Why do you think this is a good story?

What’s great about reading?

Why are you a good reader?

What is it about these stories that you like so much?


Many thanks for your continued support!

Queen of Hearts                

As Part of our Rhyme Time topic we were challenged by the Queen of Hears to make some jam tarts!

It helped to make our arms strong when rolling out the dough and we learnt how to follow a recipe and how to measure out ingredients. They were delicious, parents did you get to try any at home?

Chimps Class 2017~2018

Our First School Trip - Staunton Country Park


The Chimps and Pandas class had a fantastic first school trip to Staunton Country Park last Friday. We enjoyed visiting the farm animals and took part in the activities learning about various mini-beasts. We took part in bug hunting in the woodlands area, we found all sorts of mini – beasts including beetles, worms and wood louse.


We then used our artistic skills to make collages of these mini-beats using natural materials. We also worked well as a team to make a human millipedes and learnt about camouflage by playing the game ‘Wolly Worms’. We all had the opportunity to touch a giant Millipede and an African Land Snail. Finally we had a fantastic time in the play park with our friends!


A big thank – you to all the volunteers that helped make this fantastic trip possible!



Chimps and Pandas Royal Wedding


Our local church St. Columba kindly invited the Chimps and Pandas class to re-create our own wedding at their church. They set up some fantastic activities including creating our own flower posies, cake decorating and card making. We learnt a lot about what happens during Christian wedding ceremony and role-played our own version! A HUGE thank you to Mrs D for organising all the activities and fun, as well as a thank you to all the other volunteers and parent helps who gave up their time. It was a fantastic morning! 



Stay and Read every Friday Morning 8:30 - 8:50 ... All friends and family members welcome!

Fruit tasting Handa's fruits!


In Chimps class we enjoyed reading the Story of Handa's Surprise. 

We used used our senses to explore the different fruits from the story. We then completed a survey based on their tastes. We had to show resilience when trying new and unusual fruits. 


We then used some of our favourite fruits to create our own fruit kebabs.

We independently chopped and sliced the fruit and then carefully threaded them onto the skewer. Following this, we then wrote instructions using bossy verbs so others could also make delicious fruit kebabs like ours! 



Gymnastics fun!


During this Spring term we have been working hard on our gymnastic skills in our weekly PE lessons. We have been learning different rolls, jumps and shapes. Including pike, straddle, star and tuck. We also used the apparatus and learnt how to safely put the mats away working well as a team. We are also very proud of the chimps class that they are all able to get themselves dressed and undressed for PE with very little help from adults!

Snow Day!

Hello Chimps, hope you are enjoying the snow days at home with your friends and family. Here is a snowy home challenge for you...  make the most of it! 





We received this gigantic letter from the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk!


So, we used the giant's footprints to start measuring around the classroom. We used fantastic mathematical measure vocabulary such as longer, shorter, equal to etc. 




We're going on a leaf hunt!  



This week, we decided to go on a leaf hunt around our school grounds. We used a tick sheet with a variety of leaves to help us compare the different leaves. We looked at their colour, shape and texture. We were also fantastic at getting ourselves dressed for the outdoors independently, including wellies! If you enjoy the outdoors, then we love the Woodlands Trust Nature Detectives website for ideas and activities.





Double Trouble!


We have been learning about doubles! We went on a double hunt and looked around the classroom to see what doubles we could spot! Our next challenge to practise adding doubles.



Doubles Doubles - we have been enjoying this song!

Doubles Doubles (I Can Add Doubles!) 1+1=2 2+2=4 3+3=6 4+4=8 5+5=10

Can we fix it? YES WE CAN!


In chimps class we have been busy helping poor Bob the Builder. We received a letter from Bob explaining that he had hurt his arm, and needs our help! So we have been working hard  to plan and build our own model town, using recyclable materials. Thank you to all the friends and family members who brought in various materials to help!



Phonics Workshop for Friends and Family


A huge thank- to those friends and family members that attended our 'Introduction to Phonics' and 'reading' workshop. I hope that you found it very helpful and as promised I will leave the Powerpoints from both workshops below. If you were unable to attend the workshop, not to worry, I will be running a part 2 (phonics) soon a date to be soon confirmed.

Here are some useful links to continually embed this learning at home

Little Learners youtube channel -

Little Learners


For more information please click on the star above 'Parent/guardian workshops/information'

Many thanks for your continued support!


Fun with Patterns!


In Chimps class we have been learning all about different types of repeating patterns.  We spent a week practising our pattern making in many different ways!