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Home Learning

Home Reading


The children are expected to read at least five times a week. Mrs Scott will collect the children's books and diaries each morning and record the occasions when they read. In return, children will move round the new 'Bookopoly' home reading incentive scheme and, once they have passed 'Go' (after a minimum of 10 weeks), they will be able to collect their chosen book from Mrs Marsh. Please support the Academy by encouraging your child to embrace this expectation. 


Home Spellings


Every Friday, your child will bring home a list of words in their home learning books. These words will include words using the rule being learnt in class during the following week, revising phonic patterns, words from the Year 3/4 statutory spelling list and useful words related to science or the current Quest. A short task will accompany the list of words, normally to learn the meaning of, and use the words, in the child's own sentences. This will replace the weekly spelling tests.


Home Learning


Your child will be sent home with a home learning grid at the beginning of each half term. Each week your child will be able to choose two pieces of home learning to complete from a choice of English, Maths and Creative. The grid will contain all of the home learning tasks for the entire half term. It is expected that your child will choose a variety of home learning tasks and Mrs Scott will keep a record of which pieces are being completed so that all children are accessing ALL areas of learning in one way or another. Mr Vickery may guide your child with their choices if they would benefit from additional practice in one specific area.


Home learning will be sent home on Fridays and will be due back in on Wednesdays, giving your child four days to complete their chosen tasks. Home Learning handed in on Thursdays will be accepted but not as the rule. It is unlikely that work handed in on Fridays will be marked. All of the tasks will link as closely as possible to the Quest, Maths and English learning that we are doing in class.


Your child will also have a current times table target to learn - on which they will be tested each Friday.


If there are any problems with your child completing their home learning, please ask them to speak to Mr Vickery as early in the week as possible so that he can explain the task to them.