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Mrs Sutcliffe and Mrs Johnson will collect your home reading diaries every day. If you bring your reading diary in you will get 1 turtle and if you bring your diary in AND a grown-up (or you, if your adults have said you can) has written in it, you will get 2 turtles on our home reading chart. Remember – your house will get a house point if everyone brings their diary in and they will get 2 house points if everyone has read too!


Home Learning and Home Spellings

In Year 3, we have recently changed the way we are learning our spellings. Instead of a weekly list of spelling words, your child will bring home 3 sentences that they need to learn. Within these sentences there will be tricky words, high frequency words, phase 5 or 6 spelling words and Year 3 spelling words. They will spend a session each day learning about these words in school and will have a dictation session on Fridays. The sentences will be read aloud and the children will need to write them down in their English books. Scores will be done based on how many of each type of word are in the sentences. They will bring these sentences home in RED home spelling books now. 


In Year 3, home learning will be a little bit different to what you are used to. Each week, your child will be sent home with a piece of English AND Maths learning (which will both be found in the blue Home Learning book). Home learning will be sent home on Fridays and will be due back in on Wednesdays, giving your child 4 days to complete both pieces. Both of these bits of learning will link closely to what your child has been learning in school that week or will be learning in the following week. Every week, Mrs Sutcliffe will also update the class website so that you can see what your child’s new home learning is.


Week 25



Your child has brought home their Blue Home Learning book today and their red Home Spelling Book.  In these books, you will find their spelling words and their next set of home learning.



Maths Home Learning: Finding the perimeter of shapes - solve the word problems using what you know about perimeter and addition.

English Home Learning: Main and subordinate clauses - some of you have been asked to match the main and subordinate clauses to create exciting sentences, others have been asked to write subordinate clauses of their own. 



Thank you parents, grandparents, big brothers and sisters for helping your child to complete their home learning! What a great class of learners - keep up the amazing learning!! 



Year 3 and 4 Roman Home Learning Project


The Roman project was a complete success! The children produced some amazing finished products that blew the adults at school away. Thank you to all of the grown ups who came to school for our exhibit. It meant a lot that you came to value your children's learning. They were so proud! Have a look at the pictures from our Roman exhibit below, in case you missed it!