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Lions (Year 2)

Welcome to Lions!


 Mrs Garland teaches Lions' class, with help from Mrs Johnson and Mrs Witham.  On Wednesday afternoon Mrs Main-Miller teaches us!


Our PE days are Thursday and Friday this term and you will need your PE kit for both of these days!


Don't forget!


We love seeing your reading diaries in school everyday!

Remember - you get one paw print for bringing your book in to school or you could get two paw prints for bringing your book and reading at home! Read everyday to get 10 paw prints to achieve a bookmark or to work up to choosing a brand new book!


Home learning is due in every Wednesday so please make sure your folders are in school! Spelling test is on Friday so keep practising at home!




Summer Term!


Welcome back Lions! It has been lovely to hear all about the fun things you have been up to over the Easter holidays! Just a few little reminders to ensure the term runs nice and smoothly!


PE Kits: Please ensure PE kits are in school everyday. Now the weather is improving we will be heading out to the field so please ensure your child has appropriate footwear.

Home learning: Home learning will now be due in on Wednesday. This is to ensure the expectation is consistent across the Academy.


We have lots planned for this term so please look out for letters and keep checking back on the website to see what we have been up to!


Transition to year 3 smiley


Every Wednesday morning, over the last 4 weeks, Lions have been spending time in year 3 with Miss Strachan! It has been lovely to hear everything they have been up to and they all sound very excited about the move! The children have had the opportunity to take part in English, Maths and Art activities.

Last week the children came back to class to tell me that Miss Strachan had cut their faces in half! I was rather concerned to start with but then they told me not to worry, it was only a picture so they could draw the other half! Have a look at what they have been doing!  


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Sports day smiley


What an amazing sports day! I was very proud of all children for having ago at the different activities. The Lions had the added job of being captains and vice-captains. They did a great job by keeping everyone safe and cheering loudly. It was lovely to see the children having lots of fun. Thank you also to the parents who were able to attend. I hope you had fun too! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Happy Half Term

What a busy half term we have had! The children have worked very hard over the last 7 weeks and I am very proud of them! We have learnt all about different creepy crawlies, completed our SATS papers and have even made our own movies! (we can't upload these sadly but feel free to pop in to see) Have a lovely half term Lions! Make sure you relax, eat ice cream, visit some exciting places and have lots of fun! I can't wait to hear about it all when you return to school!

Proud moment! frown

Wow, I am one very proud teacher today and you should be very proud parents! Every child completed Reading Paper 1 and everyone had ago at Reading Paper 2. It was lovely to see them showing great resilience and handling everything in a very grown up way! Please make sure they get outside and enjoy this lovely weather! They deserve it! frown


I have attached our SATS information leaflet below incase you want anymore information.

Information for parents: 2016 NCT results at the end of KS1

Welcome back! frown

You might have heard us talking about Miss Stringer and Miss Watsham this week. This is because they are two very lucky students from the University of Winchester who are re-joining Year 2 for another 3 week placement. We have already started sharing some great learning with them and can't wait to show them everything we have been up to. frown

3D shapes

Last week we spent sometime looking at the properties of 3D shapes. We learnt about edges, vertices and faces.  Mrs Garland gave us the chance to make our own 3D shapes using marshmellows and tooth picks! Have a look at our shapes below! Can you name the different shapes? Do you know many vertices each shape as? Ask us a question about them!




3D shapes

3D shapes 1
3D shapes 2
3D shapes 3
3D shapes 4
3D shapes 5

Mini beast hunt! We found lots of exciting creatures on our walk around the Academy! Ask us what we found, you may be surprised!

Creepy Crawlies!


This half term we are going to be learning all about different creepy crawlies! The children were sent home with a letter last week explaining all the fun things we will be up to. Please click on the link below if you need another copy!

We will be going on a mini beast hunt soon to hook us into our topic!

Look out for some exciting pictures!

Marble treat!!

Congratulations lion class!

Lions worked really hard last term to earn their marble treat! They have chosen to bring in a toy from home on Friday 15th April. Please look out for the letter that will be coming home or download it from the link below.

Independent writing!


Every half term we get the chance to show off our amazing writing skills by completing an independent piece of written work! This half term we wrote about our trip to Marwell zoo!


We spent the first lesson ordering pictures from the day, thinking about the conjunctions we could use, creating a story map and putting together steps to success! We were now ready to write!


Mrs Garland made sure the classroom had a calm atmosphere so we could do our best learning and wow was she impressed! It was lovely to see people using capital letters, full stops, fingers spaces and joining up their handwriting! Some people even attempted the red hot challenge, which means we get to push ourselves that little bit further. This time we had to use 'but' or 'so' to extend our sentence! Here is a super piece of learning:



Our trip to Marwell zoo!


On Tuesday 26th January we took a trip to Marwell zoo! We had to get on a coach and it took about 30 minutes to get there! We kept ourselves busy by playing eye spy and thinking about all the exciting animals we were going to see!

The first animals we saw were the hippos and the snow leopards! The hippos were rather smelly so we didn't stay with them for very long!! The snow leopard was beautiful! At first he was trying to hide from us but he couldn't resist coming to say hello! Next we went to our workshop where we got to touch a gecko and a cockroach! (Mrs Garland wasn't to keen on the cockroach). We then had to use our imaginations as we took a trip to the rainforest, ocean, desert and mountains! After our workshop we visited the tigers before getting some lunch! We then got to go and see the giraffes who were munching away on hay! We also saw the cheeky monkeys who made us jump! Finally we got to see the animal we had been waiting to see all the day, the Humboldt penguin! It was worth the wait as they were very playful and kept trying to eat our fingers through the glass!


Mrs Garland was very proud of us and even members of the public said what lovely, polite children we were! So, despite the weather and getting a bit soggy on the way round I think everyone can agree that we had an amazing time at the zoo!


Check out our pictures below!

Yr 2 Parents Evening Letter

Year 2 SATs Information Meeting

Lions Trip to Marwell Zoo ~ 26th January 2016