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Piranhas (Year 4)

The children have been introduced to their final topic of the year - The fatal, maiden voyage of the Titanic from Southampton in 1912. During Investigation Time, the children will learn about the tragedy through Teacher - led inquiries and their own child-initiated activities. 

Here is a slide show of their Hook (investigating and discovering which materials will float):

The children have been learning all about water, including the Water Cycle, how our water comes into our homes and the issues of water supply in poorer countries. To introduce the children to the topic they were placed in small groups and asked to plan and carry out their idea on how to move an amount of water from A to B without any spillage! Check out their efforts below: 

The Spring 2 topic is 'Bright Sparks!, all about electricity. The children's main focus will be building and learning about different electrical circuits - what does a circuit need to be successful? What happens when you add another battery?  add another bulb? shorten the wires?

They will also be learning about the history of the light bulb - when was the first light bulb invented? Who invented it?

They will be writing a story about their own superhero with electrical super powers!

For Investigation Time, the children have chosen to invent a household appliance, design a robot and create an information leaflet about electricity.    


Thank you to all the parents and relatives who were able to come and see the children's unbelievable home learning projects on the Romans. There was certainly a WOW! factor in the hall with many of you commenting on the high standard of work. Thank you for supporting the children - they were really looking forward to your visit. 








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