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School Council

School Council

St Columba has a school council which is elected each academic year.  Their main role is to help the Principal improve the Academy by letting her know what children think about St Columba. 

All classes, apart from Year R, elect two school councillors in September.  Year R elect three school councillors (one from each of their family groups - Elmers, Caterpillars and Gruffalos) and start attending the school council meetings once they have settled into St Columba and are ready to contribute to meetings.

School council meetings are usually held every two or three weeks.  Being a school councillor is a very important role.  The children that are chosen by their classmates are usually elected because they have good listening skills, are respectful and have lots of good ideas.  They have to be able to report back to their classes and their teachers about what has happened at the school council meetings.  Sometimes the school councillors organise competitions or run surveys; they try and get everyone involved in Academy life.