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Search Museum


We had a super fun day on our school trip to Search Museum. We learned all about how museums work; what we can see in them and how the people who work there look after the things kept there. 


First we had a visit in the science and biology room where we used magnifying glasses to look closely at the animals and artifacts. Then we went to the geology section to see some extremely old fossils. After that we went to visit the library to find out more about looking for information in books.


Finally, after lunch, we had the chance to visit the old toy section of the museum. We played with a range of old toys and found out all about how toys have changed over the last 100 years. We looked at toys that our parents may have played with, as well as toys our grandparents may have played with. Lots of us loved the pinball machine!

Search Museum

Search Museum 1
Search Museum 2
Search Museum 3
Search Museum 4
Search Museum 5
Search Museum 6
Search Museum 7
Search Museum 8
Search Museum 9
Search Museum 10
Search Museum 11
Search Museum 12
Search Museum 13

Waterproof Materials - Science Enquiry


An elf called Eric appeared in our classroom a few weeks ago. During December, he has supplied us with endless learning challenges and story books. One day, he wrote us a note asking us to help solve a huge problem at the North Pole. Father Christmas needs a waterproof sack to transport the children's presents on Christmas Eve. The elves simply couldn't agree on the best one. Luckily, Tiger Class came up with a brilliant solution - we had to test the materials to see if they were waterproof or not. The children worked with their learning partners to use some posh science equipment called pipettes to drip some water onto each material. They found that some were waterproof whilst others were not. The children then decided to write to Father Christmas to inform him on the best material for the job. Tiger Class saved Christmas!!!

Waterproof Materials - Science Enquiry

Waterproof Materials - Science Enquiry 1
Waterproof Materials - Science Enquiry 2
Waterproof Materials - Science Enquiry 3
Waterproof Materials - Science Enquiry 4
Waterproof Materials - Science Enquiry 5
Waterproof Materials - Science Enquiry 6

Tiger Class have been fully immersed in all things Christmas this week, as we have brought our Celebrations topic to an end. We have been making Christmas decorations along with tasty mince pies to help us get into the festive spirit and prepare for one of the most exciting celebrations of the year.

Picture 1 Rolling pastry evenly was tricky, but great fun!
Picture 2 Our Christmas wreaths
Picture 3 Split pin gingerbread men were a real challenge!

Merry Christmas!


What a wonderful team we are?! It has been so much fun learning and rehearsing songs and acting parts for our Christmas Nativity 'Prickly Hay'. Everyone who took part really gave it their all, and the staff could not feel more proud. The class worked so hard as a team; lots of children received team player proud clouds in their Learning Value Passports. We also managed to achieve many many marbles which have resulted in us earning our next marble treat - bringing our scooters into school!


A huge well done to all of the Tigers, as well as a thank you to parents for supporting your children to learn their lines, have the confidence to perform, and for sending in costume parts.

Exciting News - Reading Buddies

Over the last few weeks, we have really enjoyed reading with our buddies in Year 5.  Sometimes they bring books to share with us and sometimes we read to them from books in our book corner.  It is a really lovely time of the week.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7