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Welcome to Toucans' Class!

Autumn term 2018 ~ 2019

Welcome to Toucans' Class!

Mrs Gristock will be teaching Year 6. 

During the Autumn Term, Year 6's P.E. sessions will be every Tuesday and Friday. Please ensure your child is equipped correctly and ready to participate. They should have a house coloured P.E. top, black shorts, socks and plimsolls or sports trainers, all clearly labelled and kept in a P.E. bag.

During the Autumn Term and the first part of the Spring Term, it is strongly advisable that, in addition to the above, they have a sports sweatshirt and/or a tracksuit. Health and Safety stipulate that school jumpers, coats and other casual clothing are unacceptable for P.E. All shoulder- length hair must be tied up and ear studs removed or taped up. Staff are not allowed to remove or put in studs but the school will provide tape if required. If your child is unable to take part in a P.E. lesson, a letter must be provide giving the reason why. Alternatively, a verbal explanation from the parent is acceptable.        

This term, Year 6 will be looking to the stars and asking the question "Is there anybody out there?" They will be studying our Solar System, Space exploration, and looking for Alien life!

Watch this space for some of their amazing work and trip to a local Planetarium!